Being a cardiologist can be a risk factor!

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‘‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’’ (Confucius)

Approximately one third of our lives is spent at work. Therefore, regardless of one’s area of work, job satisfaction
is essential for wellbeing and quality of life. Job satisfaction is the extent to which workers feel self-motivated and satisfied with their job, and results from a combination of various psychological, physiological and environmental factors. The core elements contributing to satisfaction and motivation at work are remuneration and working conditions, especially salary and a healthy workplace environment; work-life balance, which ensures that a worker can spend quality time with their family; respect and recognition in the workplace; job security; and challenges and career growth. The importance of job satisfaction can be seen not only from the employee’s but also from the employer’s perspective, as it results in increased efficiency, commitment, profits and retention.

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